School Sports

St Rose embodies the philosophy that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.


From Pre-School to class II, the stress is on building up of individual skills vis-a-vis a heightened physical stamina and enhanced motor skills. The children of this age group participate in muscle strengthening exercises through special energizers.


Students are also trained in individual activities from Class III onwards; the children are introduced to the basic training in more formal sports like Skating, Taekwondo, Football, Yoga and Aerobics. from VI classes onwards children play a number of sports like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Throwball, Badminton, Table tennis, Volleyball and various other individual, team, track and field events.


At this stage the students specialise and compete in only a select few according to their skill and liking. This helps children to concentrate and excel in their specialised sport.


Over and above the school PE programme, sports camps are organised in the afternoon once a week during the ‘Pulse’ programme for classes III-VIII and also during the Summer Break to help in giving specialised attention to students with greater interest in sports.


The School boasts of a dedicated team of sports teachers who are well qualified and experts in their individual sports.