Admission Open

Admission is based on a student’s academic promise and personal qualities. The School is committed to maintaining racial, ethnic, religious, socio-economic and geographic diversity in its student body.

Submit to the applicant’s teacher for review.

Completed standardized tests between. and approve

We limit Class to students for quality education 

Assign groups and clubs


Begin with the session towards growth

Admission to Class K-1

Admission to Class 2-6

Admission to Class 7 & above

Application Dates When to Apply 2022?


August 2022


September 2022


September 2022

  • We require applications, recommendations and the transcript/report card to be submitted.
  • All applicants will visit campus and parent(s)/guardian(s) will interview as part of the admission process. 
  • This interview is an opportunity for the family to ask questions and learn more.
  • It is the applicant/prospective family’s responsibility to follow up with the Admission Office in a timely manner regarding the status of the applicant’s file.

For Admissions

Visit School or Call us at:

+91 7678 255 461

+91 7289 913 664